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Designed for your dog's safety and comfort.

The Madison Brick NJ

The Madison Brick NJ

Our newest location with upgraded Gator kennels and huge outdoor play areas. Less than 10 minutes from the garden state parkway. 3001 Yorktowne Blvd. Spring 2023

The Madison Hawthorne

The Madison Hawthorne

This large upgraded facility is located at 1156 Goffle Rd, in Hawthorne.

THE MADISON WALDWICK Our Waldwick facility is located at 150 Franklin Tnpk. We opened our first location here in 2012 and have always been family owned and operated!

THE MADISON WAYNE Our Wayne facility is located at 15 Corporate Dr. (off Riverview Dr.) Free parking right in front of our facility.

ROOM TO RUN Our play ares are so big we couldn't get it all in one photo! We have over 6,000 square feet for your pup to have a blast with friends, plus plenty of room to relax and stretch out.

HOTEL ROOMS FOR DOGS! Our 24 sq. ft. private rooms have noise-reduction technology and feature 7 ft. privacy walls on either side, plus all the accommodations your pup needs for a restful night's sleep.

AHHH... Fresh air! On nice days, we open up our huge bay doors to let in the fresh breeze and scents of the outdoors.

IT'S BATH TIME! Whether your pup needs a deep conditioning treatment, full groom, or just a bath to freshen up, we do it all!

COME ON IN! Our dog-loving, friendly staff are here to help you and your pup with everything you need!

LIVING ROOM STYLE BOARDING Does your dog prefer to stretch out on a comfy couch? Our living room style boarding offers the comforts of home for your little one.

IT ALL STARTED HERE... Vic and Gina Abdy, with a little inspiration from Madison herself, made their dreams a reality in 2012 when they first opened The Madison Dog Resort & Spa in Waldwick.

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